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Beau Glow is a 100% natural hair care brand. We
sell hair products that are approved for all hair types and completely free of chemical ingredients. What sets us apart is that we are also completely vegan and animal-free. In this way everyone young & old, from straight hair to frizzy hair, can enjoy our products.

Where do we stand for

100% natural products with real results

#natural #vegan


the start

After long testing and development for the right formula in 2019, Beau Glow was launched in 2020 with our Coconut & Jojoba Oil Hair Mask. Hundreds of positive reviews later, Beau Glow has become a household name for natural hair care and quality products. We are continuously expanding the collection. Each product is carefully formulated and tested to gauge short-term and long-term results. Due to this care, each product is of a high quality standard and offers the desired result.

the vision

Beau Glow is still in its infancy and is experiencing enormous growth. Where we are already a household name in hair products, this will be expanded to 100% natural care for the face and full body.

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